In the sixties and seventies East Anglia was the hot bed for lizard canaries. Many lizard breeders from other parts of the country, when needing an out-cross, came to East Anglia. Open shows at Norwich, Ipswich, Chelmsford, Haverhill and Peterborough had entries of 100 plus lizards.

  With this in mind, an inaugural meeting was called on March 19th 1978 with the intentoins of forming an area lizard club. There were 15 lizard fanciers at the meeting including some of the all time greats in the lizard world such as Gordon Plumb, Len Woods and Albert Durrell, all from Ipswich and a young Stan Bolton from Cambridgeshire, our current president, general secretary and treasurer. Thirteen letters were also received from fanciers who could not make the meeting but were all in favour of a area lizard club. Stan Bolton made a point that we didn't want to be known as a break away club and that the LCA of Gt Britain should still be our parent club and we should adopt the same rules and use their panel judges. All were in favour of this and after a lengthy discussion the EAST ANGLIAN LIZARD ASSOCIATION was formed.

  Patronage was restricted to Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. In 1985 Bedfordshire and Lincolnshire were also added.Because we receive great support from the Southern and Midland fanciers we now award patronage to other parts of the country.

  In 1985 we had our first all lizard show held at Haverhill with an entry of 202 .Our association has continued to run a all lizard show every year since , with the  record entry being 269. This show is now held at Kings Lynn where a warm welcome is given to old and new exhibitors. The show is always graced with good quality lizards as a lot of exhibitors think this is a good run out for their birds before the LCA Classic. The show secretary is Mr Rob Bunting who is always happy to give help and advice if needed. Rob is also chairman of our club.

  The A G M is held in conjunction with the All Lizard Show. This ensures a good attendance and saves on travelling cost for our members.

  The associations aim is to help members to presurve the accepted discriptoin of the ideal lizard canary adopted by the L C A in 1945and also the standard lizard show cage. A great thing with the lizard canary is the ideal model has never changed. The colour has improved over the years as carophyll red is now used where in the early days red pepper was used during the moult to enhance the colour. For many years lizard fanciers have tried to improve the density of breast work on the cocks, and in the last few years great strides have been made in this department. 

  The only change to the show cage since 1945 has been the zinc drinker is now black plastic. The interior colour is now dulux summer blue as luxol nursery blue came unavailable. In the early days any type of perch could be used, but now they should be half inch X three eights softwood with the edges rounded and the end chamfered. Each perch is placed on the sixth wire from the outside. 

 Members will receive two newsletters a year, one in the spring and another just before the show season starts. Our current publicity officer is Mr Andy Williamson who is always pleased to give help or advice to show secretaries applying for our patronage.

  New members of East Anglian Lizard Canary Association wether champion, novice or junior can be assured of any help they need to attain their goal with their unique and distictive lizard canaries.