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East Anglian Lizard Canary Association



At the 2012 East Anglian Lizard Canary Association AGM the chairman Mr. C.Peachy & treasurer Mr.N.Irwin retired from their posts and left a huge void in the association :- at this point the members would like to thank both these gentleman for their many years of good service and wish them well.

It was decided that the "NORFOLK MUSCATEERS" aka Stan Bolton , Rob Bunting and Andy Williamson would keep the association running and hopefully look foward to the future. Stan will take on the rolls of PRESIDENT ,TREASURER & SECRETARY, Rob will continue as SHOW SECRETARY  & also CHAIRMAN with Andy being PATRONAGE SECRETARY,PUBLICITY OFFICER & SHOW MANAGER , a combination that got a unanimious vote by all members present.

for that we the committee thank you all......"all for one and one for all "        STAN.....ROB.....ANDY 

Stan/Rob/Andy in Tours world show 2010

Stan/Rob & Andy at the world show in Tours France 2010